Life with Magick
Accepting Control

This might be an unusual topic to see in a blog about magic, but I think it’s very important. In my experience, people are afraid of running their own lives. Look at yourself; if you’re in school, are you taking classes that interest you, or coasting? If you work, do you have your dream job or are you putting up with office bitchery? Hard as it is to accept, you really don’t take charge of your life as much as you can, and should. Magic is a tool to do this, but you also need to take control to really do magic. You might have heard of advanced practitioners of any discipline (yoga, meditation, christianity, martial arts, magic) achieving a state of ‘divine peace’ or similar. What this really is is the end result of a slow unlocking of their potential. They realize that they have full control of their life, both what happens to them and how they respond to it. If you seriously devote yourself to any such thing, in my case magic, there should be a cycle of accepting more control, which allows you to get better at what you do, which forces you to accept more control. I haven’t reached full realization yet, and I don’t think I’m even particularly close. But I’m making my way towards it. Are you?

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