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Accepting Control Pt 2

In the previous piece I talked about accepting control, but what I didn’t mention is that you might have to realize you CAN first.  There’s not really an easy way to explain what I mean by this, so I’ll use a story.

I’m a quiet person.  I don’t like to impose or start anything.  This goes for fights, conversations, relationships, anything. I never really thought about why until I started looking into psionics, magic, psychology, and other related fields.  Really looking into any of these leads to being very self-aware, and I slowly started to ‘hear’ thoughts that didn’t feel right.  They were always negative, limiting thoughts.  “You can’t do that.”  “They’ll say no.”  “They’re laughing because it’s polite.”  I went through a really hard time where I thought it was right.  Recently though, I’ve started trying to be more optimistic and open to myself.  Last night I finally tore it down.  It felt fantastic.  Your homework, for reading this, is to look really deeply in yourself for this shadow, and try to get rid of it.  Find something incredibly important to you that for some reason you can’t do, or don’t feel like you should.  Sit for a minute, an hour, a day, and think about WHY.  What is it that makes you feel like you shouldn’t do it?  If it feels like there’s something telling you not to, try to get rid of it.  I did it by finding it, doing the thing anyway, then flipping shit at my own mind.  It felt weird, but it ended with a cathartic sprint down a city street lost in the euphoria of new freedom.  When you find that feeling, you really can do anything.

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